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Calplas is a Spanish company of recognized prestige at international level since most of its production is destined for export. They have been manufacturing filters and other elements for the industry since 1970 and that is one of the keys to the high quality of all its products.

Among others, Calplas manufacturers swimming pool filters from 415 mm. Up to 3,000 mm. The FA and AFM models are intended for residential swimming pool and FB model for public swimming pool, but filters of other sizes can be made on request.

PS-Pool Equipment recommends Calplas pool filters for their quality, materials, manufacturing system and many details that make the difference with other competing filters.

Quality: They are very long lasting equipment, totally reliable, with an industrial manufacturing philosophy = zero failures

Materials: Glass-reinforced laminated polyester, polyester inlet and outlet flanges and threads, stainless steel fasteners, caps and mouths in polyester, steel, PVC or transparent methacrylate

Your manufacturing system: The manufacturing process is different since all the filter is a single part, and therefore a homogeneous element, which greatly reduces the possibility of failure

The rolling is manual and the fibers are oriented according to the direction of the forces in operation

Details that make the difference: reinforcing steel in the plate, legs, greater thickness in areas of curvature, diffusers, lower distributions, reinforcements and finishes.



The DAISY PLUS integrated water treatment system consists of the well-known DAISY filtration system, completed with DA-GEN water treatment equipment. This equipment generates free radicals, much more oxidizing than chlorine and uses magnesium chloride as an activator instead of sodium chloride (salt). The AFM, together with the APF and ZPM, can filter particles up to 0.1 microns. - Water is maintained with only 0.1 - 0.2 mg / l free chlorine in private pools. - With a conductivity between 400 and +600 mS, the water is not corrosive for stainless steel. - The ACO generates free radicals in outdoor pools with the help of UV rays and acts as a chlorine stabilizer without providing cyanuric acid to the water. - DA-GEN generates free radicals and a minimum amount of chlorine, which is necessary. It uses magnesium chloride as an activator. Maximum water quality = swim in drinking water!



For private and public swimming pools. Sugar Valley's state-of-the-art equipment offers a wide range of water treatment equipment. The "Hidrolife" salt chlorinator is capable of working with only 3 grams of salt and with only 1.5 grams the "Oxilife" model that combines electrolysis with hydrolysis. Its control panel, able to control all the functions of the pool (pump, lights, heat pump + 4 auxiliaries), can be taken out of the box and placed anywhere in the house with a surface support. Display with full frame function to start the pool filter, + 4 auxiliary lights, for example: heat pump. Removable box display to place on a surface base anywhere in the house. It can be installed at a maximum distance of 1,200 meters. All models are prepared as standard for the control of pH, redox, free chlorine. Simply connect the probes to an external socket on the board and a small module to the electronic board. This way you can complete the basic model at any time. Wi-Fi module to connect to the box and communicate with the router of the house. You can control all the functions of the pool from anywhere with a Smartphone. News 2016: -Use of transformer of high performance. -Control of three-speed pump. -Control of frequency inverter. -Double set point heating / cooling. - Allows selection of color in led lights. -Revocable screenshots on screen. -Application of independent module. -Module of external relays. -Acid tank level indicator. Optional: - Turbidity sensor - dosing of the flocculant. - New improved WIFI module. - IP55 (or higher) housing as an upgradeable option.


Washing the filters is essential to eliminate the contaminants that may exist within. This task is carried out with the automatic valve Besgo. Using it ensures not only that the filter has been washed with sufficient frequency but also for the required time. The valve can change position without the need for the pump to stop. There is no water hammer. - Maximum safety of operation. - Minimum loss of load. - Swivel connections - Operates without pump stop - Dimensions DN40 to DN125 Besgo has automatic 5-way valves and also 3-way valves for filter rinsing and alternative applications. Besgo valves are very economical and achieve savings of between 50% and 80% with respect to the battery valves!


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